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Recycle Trade Inc.We are equipped with an outdoor weigh scale that accommodates small and large vehicles and trucks. The scale is located at the front gate for quick and easy access. Our scale is also equipped with fully operational radiation detectors and is inspected and maintained on a regular basis. It is for use by our scrap customers and our own trucks only. Once a gross and tare weight is recorded our scale room staff will then fill out the paperwork and pay for your scrap by way of cash, cheque, or on account. For ferrous items we purchase please see our metals pages.

Recycle Trade Inc.Our indoor weigh scale is used to weigh small scrap loads of non-ferrous metals. There is a designated unloading area located immediately to your right inside the front gate. Our staff will unload and weigh the items brought in on our small pallet scale located inside the warehouse. Bins needed will be provided as well as assistance to unload your scrap. Our staff will then price your items and pay for your scrap by way of cash, cheque, or on account. For non-ferrous items we purchase please see our metals pages.


We DO NOT accept the following items in our yard:

  • Sealed containers (drums etc.)
  • Propane tanks or any other tank used for compressed gases
  • Ballasts
  • Hazardous waste
  • Tires
  • Wood/waste

We ACCEPT the following items with some restrictions:

  • Oil/Fuel tanks - tanks must be drained and dry, as well as cut in half.

Should you need assistance unloading your items we have all the equipment necessary to help you do so. Whether our crane, forklifts, or other equipment is needed, our staff is fully qualified and trained to operate our equipment in a safe and proper manner. Please Note: Hard hats and safety boots must be worn upon entering our yard.

Link Belt Crane Forklift

Please read the sign posted outside our yard. We take every precaution to maintain a safe environment for our customers and staff members.